Saturday, 9 May 2015

Procedure writing (How to make lemonade)

Here is a slideshow I made about making lemonade cause for writing in room 3 we were looking at procedure writing the construction of the writing goes the goal then materials and also step's and in this slideshow you will be able to find out what materials and step's you will need to make great lemonade so follow these three easy step's and give lemonade making a go.


  1. Jorja
    I followed all your steeps and made your lemonade but I needed like 7 spoons of sugar it was yum.
    Jayden. F

  2. Jorja
    Really enjoyed how you've put this together - not sure about the put as much sugar as you want into it instruction - I think that you would get some people who would put in a whole lot at this point. Really think that you've done a great job with the structure of the writing.
    Mr Webb

  3. Dear Jorja,

    Great job! The weather is warming up here in the northern United States and reading your slide show really made me want some lemonade. So you did what you were supposed to do! The amount of sugar is tricky I think. Too little and it's too sour to drink, but too much and it doesn't taste good either.

    Mrs. Essenburg
    Michigan, USA

  4. Hi Jane
    Yea I wasn't sure about the amount of sugar but there was probably no other way I could write it cause everyone has got different taste I loved hearing from you and hope to hear from you again.
    Jorja room3 Auroa School Taranaki


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