Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to clean a Bearded dragon's Vivirium

Goal:How to clean a Bearded Dragon's Vivarium



1.Scoop out any food or waste at the end of the day.

2.Clean out the water every day.

3.Every couple of month's change the sand in the Vivarium cause you will start to see a change in the Bearded Dragon's skin that means it will be shedding.

4.Every week at least once give the vivarium a good brush remember when you are brushing the Vivarium make sure you put the Bearded Dragon in a secure box with holes in it.


If you use these instructions and get the these materials you will have the Vivarium cleaned.



  1. Hi Jorja,

    These look like very clear, thorough instructions. I will get Mia to read through them at lunch time and let you know what she thinks. She was busy doing Junior Librarian tasks today.
    Keep up the blogging, it looks great!
    Mrs Atherton

  2. Those instructions are very clear but I usually put my lizard in a bath instead of a box.


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