Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hockey uniforms

Today in the afternoon we had to get in from feeding the calves early as my mum had to travel up to New Plymouth to take to part in a Taranaki Hockey Federation meeting she is the manager of our team so she has the job of sorting out every fine detail. That night she came home there was a knock on the door “who is it” I said knowing it was mum, then I slowly opened the rusty old door where is she? I thought to myself as she blended in with the dark night sky with the black Taranaki bags until she finally slouched her way into the door that's when we saw in her hand was over sixteen hockey bags with all our uniforms in them, well a few handfuls. The big black and yellow bag contained a selection of things including two pairs of socks, a playing skirt, two playing skirts incase there is blood on the other one, a jacket, a practice shirt, also a sweatshirt(That's a lot!).As we rummaged through all the bags we finally found ours sitting at the bottom of the pile. I zipped open my bag to find my clothes neatly and tidily folded up until……. I wrecked it all!! We tried every little piece of uniform on thirty minutes later finishing the last piece of clothing and packing it very nicely, NOT!! Now that we have received our uniform we have to wear our practice shirt in and a black pair of canterbury shorts (It compulsary). Also coming up i will be posting about our tournament in Hawke's bay…. so keep updated!! Comment down below your questions!

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