Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hockey Taranaki rep trials Under-13

Myself (Jorja) and my sister Madaline triled for the Under-13 Taranaki reps hockey girls team on the 26th of June 2016 and we triled from 9:30-10:30, the first trial was all about skill so we had to jink over cones and dribble round opositions. I had great fun at the first trial!! As the first trial ended the lady running the trial Jo announced that the people that will be coming back for the sencond trial will be put up on the Taranaki Hockey Federation website on Wednesday 28th of June. 

So that night on Wednesday mums phone beeped and there was a text from Jo, the text wrote: The teams for the second trial are up on the website. I have never seen my fingers move so fast. There were 42 names written down and two of those people were myself (Jorja) and Madaline my sister, we were so wrapped we have made it to the second trial. So the next Sunday after that the 3rd of July we had the second trial. (Which was today) But what happened in this trial?

In this trial all we played was games, Jo split us up into 4 teams and we played ten minute for each team. Each team had at least two games. After the two games the selectors Glenn,Jude,and Boydy split us up into four even teams and at the end of the day we all said a thanks to Jo and all we can do now is hope. We find out on Thurday the 7th of July if we made it in. Can't wait!! Check out the Taranaki Hockey Federation website if you are interested in playing hockey, it tells you all about it and if your interested in coming to Hockey trials in Stradford it tells you the date and times so check it out in this link-Taranaki Hockey Federation

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