Saturday, 30 July 2016


What are germs?How do they make us sick? And what can we do to stop the spread of germs?Germs are tiny organisms as small as a microchip they are living things.

That when they spread they make us very sick. Germs spread through your airways and can be passed on by breath as well!! There are many different types of germs but the two most common are bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria live and feed off the environment. for example the bacteria in your mouth feeds off the sugar from the food that you have been eating (isn't that yuck). Viruses on the other hand are the smallest known life 10-100 times smaller than bacteria. Viruses are different to bacteria because viruses need a living host like a plant or animal to grow and reproduce, while most bacteria can living on a non-living surface.

But when you get sick how can you tell if it is a virus infection or a bacterial infection? Usually the common cold or cough is viral and after the viral infection, bacterial infections occur including ear infections and sore throats.

These infections are caused by bacteria getting into your body. Bacteria can get into your body because your face can absorb sickness and it can get into your body if you shake someone's hand that has a cold and you touch your mouth. So next time you are sick go to the doctor!

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