Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Electrical challenge

On Tuesday room2 done a electronic challenge and the children in room2 had to build circuts and complete set challenges. We got into groups of five and one group of six. Each group got a electronic board and materials they could use. If the group went up to Mr Spice and got something wrong they would get points five points deducted off them, Each group had three challenges to complete and had a computor for each group to write up their set codes. They had two blocks to complete all the challenges and only two groups completed all of the circut challenges. The smarticles came first that group including Jayden,Fergus,Katelyn,Zariah and Jorja. Also the team that came second concludes of Regan, Ebony, Grace Ashton, and Sol.

The circut board


  1. I really like that you guys did such a cool challenge I;ve never done anything like that

  2. cool challenge would have been hard


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