Thursday, 31 March 2016

Kaponga's 125th Jubilee

Today we had the Kaponga 125th jubilee and the kaponga athletic club put in a group of children to carry the banner down the road amoung that group were myself (Jorja) , my sister (Madaline), harry gibson and the gargans.

It was a great day, the parade started at 1:00 but we had to get there earlier to get everyone ready. If you don't already know Kaponga is located in North Taranaki, New Zealand. The floats all started by the Kaponga athletics club rooms and we walked all the way to the Kaponga Primary School. Many people and children came to watch the parade and many people that use to live around or in the area Kaponga came to celebrate there 125th Jubilee.

Our family has been round this Kaponga area from when I was young and I am know ten years old and my sister (Madaline) is also 12 years old and we have been competing for the Kaponga athletics club running since we were young so most of my grandparents and family came today. It was a hit!!
If you dont know the area here are some images of the little towm located in North Taranaki-Kaponga images. Comment below if you have any questions also comment below if you have been in a parade or have gone to see one?

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