Thursday, 31 March 2016

Kaponga athletics club prizegiving

Last night we went to the kaponga athletics club running prizegiving and our family done very well, there were lots of people there and many came to watch.

The night started off with a speech from my dad (Leslie) the president then it went on to the prizegiving, they wanted the little children to go first so they would have the chance to go back home as they were getting tired. 9 Year old boys was called out and as I was sitting next to my opponent Bethany, I said" we are next" She replied Yea.

We were up the ten year old girls "Jorja symes" dad said through the microphone, "1st in champ points 2nd in club points". I was pretty happy with myself. We Recieved our certificate  and then we Recieved  a kaponga athletics club pen and notepad also a easter egg, it was awesome!!

We then went over the Shey who was talking the photos and she took a photo of myself (Jorja) and my opponent (Bethany). I got a trophy and written on it was kaponga athletics club 10 years girls winner.

The night came to a close but as we always do we had supper and everyone was digging in to it ,it was a fantastic night and everyone enjoyed it. Also if I haven't t mentioned already I got another trophy in the special awards for field events like discus, shotput and highjump and this is pretty funny I tied with my sister (Madaline) Isnt that cool!! Comment below if you have been to any prizegiving before or been apart of one.

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