Monday, 9 November 2015

The bonfire

Here is the big fire that one of the people at the bonfire set up.

This picture I took when Katelyn my friend was holding a sparkler in her hand I took the photo on my iPod.

Here is a picture I took of Renee another person who was there holding a marshmallow that she had just toasted in our little fire. 

Here is a picture I took our little fire that we made.

On Friday night I got invited to stay the night at my friend Kateyln's house and we went to a bonfire on the Rama Rd in Taranaki. When it got later in the night at the big fire we lit sparklers and we also roasted marshmallows on a little fire we were stocking up. At night time when it was really dark my friend Katelyn's dads mate Ricky put some fireworks on and we watched the fire works there were all sorts of fireworks and different colour's ,but  the reason why we put fireworks on and we had a bonfire because we were celebrating guy forks. We lit the fireworks at 8:30pm at night and when we went home at 9:30pm at night they were still going and the big fire was almost gone out we had lots of things at the bonfire including someone brought donuts and cinnamon rolls to share and we had biscuits. We brought chairs and sat down to watch the fire works. Do you celebrate guy forks? Do you lite fireworks or have you ever? These are questions I'm asking myself comment below!!! And let me know.

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  1. Jorja
    You have some stunning images with your writing which is brilliant - however you need to have a look at your spelling. Its not Bomb fire its bonfire! You've got some fantastic images here with your post - really enjoyed reading it and great that you posted in your own time.
    Mr Webb


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