Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My bunny

Now that our bunnies have had four little bunnies we don't want to have any more because we do not have enough room in our cages. So today we took the boy my bunny Bubbles up to the vet to get a part of his body cut out to stop them from having babies. We also took him up in a cat cage because we had no other place to put him. You may be wandering why he has the cone on his head?, That's because of the bunny's sharp teeth he could be able to rip out the stiches and that could cause an infection and my bunny could get real sick. We have to keep the cone on the bunny so head for 7days (1 week) before we can take it of to let the stiches settle in. Also we have to keep the bunny away from our other bunny we have that is my sister Madalines. We have to put it in our other cage for the time being and mum said when the little bunnies get a bit older we will be able to bring them into school to show all my classmates. Have you ever had a bunny? Have you ever had this happen to any pets of yours? Comment below and tell me the answers to these questions!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jorja.
    I have once had a bunny when I was eight and no that hasn't happened to any pets ive had and do have. I really like your description about your bunny and the photos are also awesome. Your bunny also looks very cute.
    Keep up with the great work.


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