Monday, 5 September 2016

King country~Boys VS Taranaki girls

Image result for new plymouth hockey turfAs we drove up to New Plymouth for our Taranaki hockey game, Taranaki under 13 girls VS under 13 boys team king country. As we began to drive up to New Plymouth every second we got closer and closer. The sun was swept away fog began to fill the air it was a miserable day, as puddles of rain everywhere you look the sound of rain echoing in your ears, How could this day get any worse I said?  As we arrived in New Plymouth nothing was seen in sight only the fluro yellow painted lines on the road. We arrived at our destination to find……..

The New Plymouth Hockey turf filled with water, over flooding water from the turf began to pour out the concreted sides where the path led. As our coach arrived we all began to abandon our cars and head to the dugouts for shelter. 30~minutes until the game or for me hoping 30 minutes for a chance to call the game off! As we began to practice out in the horrific weather in the first two seconds our socks we drenched our our uniform was soaked and we were very happy(NOT).

Five minutes till our game starts!! Our coach shouted out loud for the whole world to hear! She gave us our positions and we began, the game whistle blew we were off! Surrounded in a million drops of rain! Our shoes were like buckets before the halftime whistle blew. No goals were scored in the first half but in the second half that's when the hard work came in! Screech the first goal of the game had been scored to king country. Unfortunately that's all the goals that had been scored we had at least 5 chances but their goalie was awesome! 

Image result for new plymouth hockey turfAt the end of the game we shook their hands while we did we said good game of water~polo out there! At the end of the game we were totally we drenched nothing at all was dry! Unfortunately we had to travel another hour before we got home(fun!) We had a couple of great games against King country and thanks to them for travelling up here 4~hours to play a couple games of hockey, I hope you guys enjoyed the games as much as we did! 
Have you ever played hockey?Are you learning how to play? I recommend it as it is a fast fun game and you'll have a blast!

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  1. Jorja
    That's a very detailed description of the game and its sounds like it was an exciting adventure with the weather being so bad. A one nil score line was of course very close but I wonder how much a difference the weather made and if it had slowed down the game a bit. This uses lots of language features to get your description across which is excellent.
    Mr Webb


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