Monday, 18 January 2016

Pulling down the tree

On Monday the 18th of Janurary 2016, my grandad came out to our house to help on the farm with dad, grandad was cutting up firewood for us ready for the winter.

My grandad comes out every week at least once to help on the farm as he loves farming and the farm we live on at the moment my grandad and nana use to live on the farm and in our house. When we were cutting up the wood at the back of the farm dad got the tractor and ripped the tree out of the ground with the tractor, grandad said it was over 100 years old.

We took the tree out because the tree was in the way of the paddock and it was getting annoying so we decided to pull it out with the tractor. The tree made lots of noise as it ripped out of the ground leaving a big hole. Then after dad had ripped the tree out grandad cut the tree up into firewood and put it on the trailer ready to bring back to the house.

My mum and I helped grandad load up the tractor but it started to rain and we had to finish 1quater of the way through so next time he comes out he is going to finish the tree. So we headed home and we unloaded the tractor. Look down below of the photo when the tree was ripped out. Do you cut your firewood up? Do you have a fire? Do you live on a farm? Let me know I the comments below.


  1. Looks like a big old pine tree Jorja. How long will the wood last you?

  2. Wow! That's a huge tree! Great post. I really like that you talked about the sounds as the tree came out of the ground. Your grandpa would be so happy that he gets to work with you on the farm! We also had a family farm. Both my husband and his dad grew up there. The house was built by my husbands grandpa in 1920. My father in law also loved coming back to the farm to help. He was always there to help with the harvest and to bring the cows back from the lease. He helped with bringing the cows home this year, just weeks before his 90th birthday! He is an amazing guy.

  3. Thanks for your two lovely comments the wood would last us about a halve a year mayby, and Mrs Grosfield you father in law sounds just like my grandad because grandad use to live right next to us aswell before he moved away into town. Grandad and my dad are mostly the same when it comes to farming and it is great also to work with my grandad as he helps lots with us around our house and our farm. I loved hearing from you two I hope to talk to you soon!!

    Jorja, room3, Auroa Primary, New Zealand

  4. Jorja
    Another great idea for a post and nice to see you replying to Mrs Grosfields comments - even though your both on different sides of the world you obviously have had some relatives that have things in common - I am pretty amazed to hear that people would be bringing in cows when they were 90 years old I would think that could be a bit tricky. Really positive to see that you resized the picture from your original post too.
    Mr Webb


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