Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Okaiawa parade

On 20th of December 2015 my family traveled to tennis practice in Okaiawa a ten minute drive away tennis practice was at 10:00 and finishes at 11:00 a hole hour but after tennis practice we gathered our stuff and traveled back to home to get ready for the Okaiawa parade, as it is getting into Christmas now it was a great time to have it.

You may have even come along to the day it occurred? But if you didn't that ok because I think there will be plenty more parades coming up. Including the Opunake parade. YAY!! The reason why we went to the Okaiawa parade was because our family along with mums friend Shellie Baylis's family helped out make a parade for the Okaiawa tennis club that myself (Jorja) and my sister (Madaline) plays for. We also have been playing for three years now and this is our third year.

We made the float minions themed because the actual theme for the hole parade was cartoons and we done minions which is very popular right now . Also they have made 3 movies out on DVD at the moment including despicable me, despicable me-2 and also a hole movie that is based on the minions called minions which is a funny!! Have you seen any of those movies??

Also mums friend Shellie Baylis made there own family float but they were disadvantaged because they won last year at the Okaiawa parade but there family is very talented and chose to do the cartoon movie Shrek. There are also some photos down below of the float Shrek themed. Everything you see in the photos of the floats down below has been hand made using tools. The characters on the floats have been totally made by hand and materials like wire and doing paper mache-ay then painting over top in the colors of the characters, don't they look amazing!! I think they do.

The characters Madaline (my sister) and I (Jorja) played was the two girls off the despicable me movies I played as the girl who loved unicorns called Angus and Madaline (my sister) played Margo the tall oldest girl.
Before the trucks, cars and vehicles started moving we got judged and who was the winner .............. The winner was the flint stones another popular cartoon movies there float was made by the local Okaiawa social club then second was ........ The minions to the Okaiawa tennis club. That's us I said to Madaline, they gave us a certificate that said second then third was ....... The fires trucks made by the Okaiawa fire fighters. 

The parade began moving on the road at 10-past-1 it was slow moving as it would be dangerous if you went fast with people standing up on the floats. After the parade had finished mr-wippie the ice cream man was there and my nana who had been watching the parade in Okiawa took us to get a ice cream and I got a bubble gum ice cream. Then mum took us home it was a great day in my opinion!!! Did you go to the Okaiawa parade? ,or have you gone to any parades yet? And where? These are all the questions I am asking myself comment below and let my know. I love hearing your comments and reading them.

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  1. Jorja
    Didn't get to attend this parade but this is such a wonderful post - the detail that you've put into it, combined with the photographs is sensational. You really get the sense from your post about what it was like to be there and there's some great detail in a fantastic piece of writing.
    Mr Webb


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