Thursday, 30 April 2015

Science time

Today we had a replacement teacher and her name was Mrs knapman she thought us today and for science we had a little pill and it grew into different animals but the thing was that we did not know what animal or sea creature we were getting you see so we got into partner's and I chose Bethany as my partner here is her blog-Bethany's Blog           
And then we grabbed a blue pill thinking it was growing into a fish but when the pill hit the water the outer casing of the pill started to dissolve and a animal grew this was our animal it is a dinosaur it you would like to do this at home here is the material's
1) You need a pill
2) Some warm water
3) And a bowl

To make the pill the got some foam and cut out a animal just say it was a crab they would cut a little crab out and it would be small enough to fit into a little pill case and they would put it into the outer casing and make sure it would be tight enough and little did we know I was right.

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