Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My adventure's with Flat Stanley

Yay In class we got to have a choice to take flat Stanley home and I said strait away yes please and mr Webb my teacher gave me flat Stanley to take home I took a variates of photo's with flat Stanley and hope to make a slideshow out of it room3 was very luckey cause we got mailed flat Stanley from a great class in England at hoppwood cp school here is a photo I took with my cat Otis and flat Stanley by my sister's Madaline's piano.


  1. Hi Jorja,

    Thank you for blogging about Flat Stanley. I hadn't thought about taking pictures of him with either of my cats, but I have now. I tweeted a picture to Mr Webb, but its night time here so it wasn't the best photo with the lights on. How big is Otis? He looks like a big cat! One of our cats is a Maine Coon and they are meant to be a big bread of domestic cat, but I don't think she's very big. We look forward to seeing the slideshow when its finished.

    Mrs Atherton
    Hopwood C P School

  2. Hi Jorja,
    I am Ben from Class 7 at Hopwood Primary School in England.
    Thank you for showing me your pictures.