Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Triathlon day

On Friday walking out to the field I said nervously what's this day going to turn out like. I had butterflies in my stomach. Line up said mr chittenden I lined up in the middle triathlon line. Mr  chittenden said middle triathlon boys go up I knew I was after them shaking nervously with sweat running down my skin. Line up girls mr chittenden said loudly. On your marks get set go I shot off like a rocket.

Round the first flag I go passing all the other runners I slipped into 4th place.while the race was going on i heard the thundering footsteps of the other runners thump thump I looked around some more and noticed that we were entering a whole lot of prickles ouch,ouch I thought to myself how bad can these prickles get?

Half way through the race I slipped but I was determined to come in the top 10 what ever happens to me. I was determined to beat my sister Madaline also and not let her beat me. She was coming up beside me but before she could say anything I was gone!!!!
By Jorja


  1. There is lots of descriptive writing

  2. I thought you maybe needed to ad a photo in there because pictures are better than words.

  3. but besides that well done jorja keep up the great work.


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