Friday, 21 March 2014

Athletics day

Athletics day
Finally the day has come to retrieve our shield again.

Calling all the 8 year old girls up to the tent it's your time to shine dad shouted.on your marks get set go!!! I shot off like like a shooting star.
I'm half way there don't stop now go Jorja go dad shouted I'm nearly at the finish line and straight into 1st place I go. We'll all my training payed!! Off I thought.

The end of the day was nearing and it's just about time for my next race. We were lined up straight across the starting line as still as trees we layer until bang went the gun suddenly...move dad shouted? Before the blink of light I was gone and I had slipped into....
2nd place and past the finish line I go with a blue stick.
By Jorja

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