Thursday, 13 October 2016

Rawleigh under 13 girls hockey tournament

This week from Monday the 3rd to 6th on Thursday we had a whole week of hockey. We had one game on Monday, two games on Tuesday, two games on Wednesday and on Thursday our team had our last game of the Rawleigh under~13 girls hockey tournament. There were eight teams in the competition overall including our team Taranaki among the teams were. Wanganui, Wellington, Wairarapa, Rangitikei, Poverty~Bay, Hawke's~Bay, Manawatu and our team Taranaki! It was a hard week of games and unfortunately I was not allowed to play in the last two games of the season as I was sick! But as it was the last time our team will see each other until two months when we get all the teams from hockey Taranaki and have a big prize-giving. Do you play hockey? Have you been in a tournament/competition? Let me know in the comments below!!

For our Rawleigh hockey tournament this week we also got eight ribbons, one from every team! The ribbons were great! All of the eight teams had a ribbon ceremony on Monday day one of the huge week of games, it was in the afternoon after all the games had finished. How the ribbon ceremony worked was that every team lined up in a circle and we all gave each other one of our teams ribbons! In the end we all finished up with eight ribbon’s! All very different ones. Each team had the option to decorate their own ribbons and a couple teams did putting lollipops and stickers on them! Here are a picture down below of the ribbons.


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