Thursday, 2 October 2014


The dragons den

Come on johnny catch up i'm going to beat you. Walking towards the cave quivering in fear they see a glimpse of light hoping it has come to save them from the mighty beast but just as you move towards the light you see sparks of lava quivering like you were under a blanket so frozen you try running away. A small spark that catches you would burn you to death but the delineating howl from the noise of the lava draws you into the minute later johnny was gone the quest of finding the mighty beast was up how will i ever reach it now but just as i say that word from the end of the cave i hear a hiss and a squeal what could that be i thought to myself but then i thought again if this is a dragons cave won't that be a dragon..... well there is only one way to find out pulling the sword out of my back pocket i stride towards the hiss all you could see was pitch black the only thing that i brought in was a torch and a sword that i am going to use to slay the mighty beast just wait a sec i said to myself can't the torch help me see yes it can so i pulled the torch out of my satchel and carried on walking.My torch was glimmering brighter than a diamond but just then BANG what was that i said oh no my torch is gone the only hope left of killing the might beast was to kill it myself holding my sword up high above my head i strive to victory the dragon not seeing me that was my chance slicing its head off like slicing a cake i laugh ha ha i had done it i had killed the mighty beast.   

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